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Huipulle Women Goes Neste Rally 2.8.2019 has been rescheduled for the year 2020.
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What is Huipulle Academy and Huipulle Women?

Huipulle Academy is a new platform for professiona development and making business in a new relaxed way to grow your business. You easily expand your business network and speed up your career to the next peak together with other leaders from different industries. Huipulle Academy forms a society where you meet genuinely participants and co-partners, meet and learn from the forerunners the best practical tips to proceed and go beyond. Huipulle Women is a brand that aims to diversity of business leaders to generate better working environment and functional business growth along career upgrades and possibilities.

International leadership seminar offers brand and technology themes with a peek behind the business scenes of Neste Rally Finland

How brand cooperation in a world class sport event can lift your business up for growth?

How can you utilize brands in event marketing?

How sales can be speeded up to a success factor for all the parties between different industries?

Feelings of the Neste Rally Finland in 2018 – Come and join us in Jyväskylä!

Huipulle Naiset Goes Neste Rally Finland

Huipulle Group brings desired official side program of business for the WC Rally Finland with a special touch of female leaders. International leaders seminar Huipulle Women Goes Neste Rally Finland opens up the business behind Neste Rally Finland for the first time ever to public with very interesting insights of brand cooperation and todays technology. It is tailored for leaders, influencers and business persons, both women and men.

You will learn from the rally organisers and top managers of co-partners how Neste Rally Finland has been done to a world class benchmarking sport event and what kind of huge business is beyond this event? How can you grow your own business and influence with co-partners services and brands? 

If you hope to learn from the best leaders, grow your business network, cooperate with other forerunners of different industries and do business in relaxed atmosphere, this is for you and your team. But we will add there some more – various first class experiences, rally, this time! Therefore our rally seminar package culminates to a VIP occasion where you can really get the best rally vibes at the Harju Super Special stage in the heart of Jyväskylä City. International leadership seminar, Huipulle Women, is located at the heart of Jyväskylä Paviljonki Rally HQ & Service Park within a walking distance from Jyväskylä down town. It takes place on August, 2020.

”Cooperation with Neste Rally Finland completes brilliantly our selection of experiential business events”, describes Founder of Huipulle Group ms. Hanne Nuutinen. Along to this years World Rally Championship in Jyväskylä in 1.-4. of August, there has been a desire to organise more interesting features from women’s point of view. 33% of the visitors are women. 99% of women spectators recommend the rally experience. And their part is growing (JAMK/Sports Business School Finland). 

”We are happy to offer this kind of business seminar by female’s point of view for the first time ever to all the attendees. Technological innovations and interactive brand networks are very important elements of developing and building an international rally world which will be opened up in this leadership seminar from very interesting aspects, tells Commercial Director, Heli Kemppainen, AKK Sports.

This is definitely something unique you just do not want to miss out! Update your rally tickect to our leadership seminar and get the fully rally experience. You are warmly welcome – Join us now! 

Bring your customers and business partners along with your personnel to this unforgetable experience of the Finland’s largest annual sports event. 

Rally facts


Visitors in year 2018


Female visitors in year 2018 (33%)


of female visitors recommend the Neste Rally Finland


viewers event reaches globally

Huipulle Women – References

“Great oppotunity and chance to refresh your thoughts. Fruitful encounters and talks. Splendid reflections of values. Pleasent relaxed feeling. #helsinginyrittäjänaiset ,female entrepreneurs of Helsinki, thank organisers. Sharing experiences were discussed a lot, this i would disclose greatly.“

– Mrs. Jaana Koskinen, Chairwoman, Female Entrepreneurs of Helsinki

“They offered female entrepreneurs and leaders tools to remove our way in business life. Those are values, new ideas, operations modes, sharing experiences, contacts and networks. Advices were given by agents from various businesses also men were taking part.“

– Participant

“Precious, compact structure. Dialogical, practical and warmth event. You were welcomed to come in and had a nice, relaxed feeling when leaving!“

– Mr. Yrjö Ronkainen, Chairman of 2018 / The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Savo District

”I expect from these kind of events to get some practical tips, even one, and here i got such. Females need this kind of events thus men are more bold and women lacks of courage. When you educate yourself, get mentors and have courage, you may proceed in your career where ever you want.”

– Eve Haavisto, marketing student, entrepreneur and chairwoman of Women In Aalto organisation in Aalto Uni.

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